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Oem steel wheel rims 15 inch agriculture rim for 12.5 -15 agriculture tires

OEM steel wheel rims refer to wheel rims that are produced by the same manufacturer as the original rims that came with your vehicle when it was brand new. These rims are designed and manufactured to meet the specifications and standards set by the vehicle manufacturer. OEM rims are intended to be direct replacements for the original rims and are often used to maintain the vehicle’s factory appearance and performance.

Products Description

Oem steel wheel rims 15 inch agriculture rim for 12.5 -15 agriculture tires

Product Specification

Wheel Size Equipped with tyre C.B.D P.C.D Hole count * Diameter Offset
10*15 12.5L-15 113.5mm 140mm 5*18 0mm
10*15 12.5L-15 95mm 140mm 5*15 0mm

Product descriptions

A 15-inch agriculture rim refers to a wheel rim used in agricultural machinery and equipment. These rims are designed to fit tires with a 15-inch diameter. Agricultural rims come in various sizes and designs to accommodate different types of farm vehicles, including tractors, combines, and other agricultural implements.

The choice of a rim size depends on the specific agricultural equipment and the type of tires being used. The rim size should match the tire size to ensure proper fit and functionality. Additionally, different rims may have different bolt patterns and configurations to match the mounting requirements of the equipment.

If you need a 15-inch agriculture rim for your farming equipment, you should consider the following factors:

  1. Rim Type: There are different types of rims available for agricultural use, including fixed rims, adjustable rims, and multi-piece rims. The type you need depends on your specific equipment and application.
  2. Bolt Pattern: Ensure that the rim’s bolt pattern matches the wheel hub of your equipment. Bolt pattern compatibility is crucial for proper attachment.
  3. Load Rating: Verify that the rim has a load rating suitable for the weight and load capacity of your machinery.
  4. Material: Rims can be made from various materials, including steel and cast iron. The choice of material may affect the rim’s durability and resistance to corrosion.
  5. Valve Stem Compatibility: Check if the rim has the appropriate valve stem hole size and configuration to accommodate the valve stem of your tires.
  6. Offset: The rim’s offset can affect the vehicle’s stability and handling. Make sure the rim’s offset is appropriate for your equipment.

When purchasing a 15-inch agriculture rim, it’s essential to consult your equipment’s manual or consult with a knowledgeable dealer to ensure that you select the right rim for your specific needs. Properly matched rims and tires are critical for the safe and efficient operation of agricultural machinery.

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