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Tractor rims W12x24 Agriculture steel rims for 13.6-24 tires

Tractor rims are an essential component of a tractor’s wheel assembly. When you mention “38 inch rims,” you are likely referring to the size of the tractor’s wheel rims.

Products Description

Tractor rims W12x24 Agriculture steel rims for 13.6-24 tires

Product Specification

Wheel Size Equipped with tyre C.B.D P.C.D Hole count * Diameter Offset
w12*24 13.6-24 152.4mm 203.2mm 8*19 0mm

Product descriptions

Tractor rims with a 24-inch diameter are a common size used in various agricultural applications. Here’s some additional information about 24-inch tractor rims:

1. Size: The “24-inch” designation refers to the diameter of the rim, measuring from one side of the rim to the opposite side through the center. This size is important as it must match the size of the tractor’s tires for proper fit and function.

2. Width: While the diameter is 24 inches, the width of tractor rims can vary. The width is typically specified separately and can range from 6 inches to 16 inches or more, depending on the tractor’s requirements and the type of tires being used.

3. Compatibility: Tractor rims are designed to be compatible with specific tire sizes and types. It’s crucial to ensure that the rim’s diameter and width match the tires you plan to use on your tractor to ensure a secure fit and proper performance.

4. Bolt Pattern: Tractor rims have a bolt pattern that determines how they attach to the tractor’s axle hub. The bolt pattern specifies the number of bolt holes, their arrangement, and the distance between them. This pattern must match the tractor’s hub for proper installation.

5. Construction Material: Tractor rims are typically constructed from steel or other durable materials to withstand the challenging conditions of agricultural work. The material used can affect the rim’s strength and durability.

6. Rim Profile: Tractor rims may have different profiles, such as flat-base rims, drop-center rims, or other shapes, depending on their intended use and compatibility with specific tire beads.

7. Valve Stem Hole: Tractor rims have a valve stem hole to allow for tire inflation and maintenance. The size and location of the valve stem hole can vary depending on the rim design.

8. Load Capacity: The load-carrying capacity of tractor rims is an important consideration, especially for heavy-duty agricultural tasks. Rims must be capable of supporting the weight of the tractor and any implements or loads it carries.

9. Paint or Finish: Tractor rims often come with a paint or finish that provides protection against rust and corrosion. The choice of finish can also affect the rim’s appearance.

When selecting 24-inch tractor rims, it’s crucial to consider the specific requirements of your tractor, the type of work it will be used for, and the tires you intend to use. Properly matched rims and tires contribute to the tractor’s performance, stability, and safety during agricultural operations.

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